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Published Aug 29, 21
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GSA is seeking information on federal orders. That details is within the federal government. I believe GSA needs to look at its own systems and develop a method that they can make usage of the details currently in their belongings (GSA SER).

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TAKAI. Thank you. Mr. Stanford, some have actually argued that the GSA will use this new information to make businesses-- force them to decrease their prices if they feel the vendor is no longer offering a competitive rate. Little company margins, as numerous of you mentioned, are exceptionally low and they, at times, can not afford bulk discount rates like the huge companies.

STANFORD. I think you would have two options. Either the small company would leave the federal market if they might no longer bear the small margins to make certain they were profitable. Or, as in the case for some small companies that rely 80-90 percent of income in the federal market, they would fail.

TAKAI. Okay. Thank you (GSA SER). And my last question, and I think a lot of you mentioned this, has to do with the inability of GSA to truly figure this thing out themselves due to their old-fashioned computer system. I simply desired to dig a little deeper, and perhaps, Mr. Horan, you can spend some time talking about that comment you made in your statement about it would be simply simpler for them to update their system so that they can track and monitor the information that they are requesting on their side, rather than leave it to the burden of the little businesses.

HORAN. Yeah. I am not particular it will be simpler, but it will be certainly-- they would need to deal with some of the very same complexities that they are ready to enforce on professionals. But the point I was attempting to make is that GSA, most likely expecting the criticism that they are imposing this commitment on contractors, had a look at their system and indicated in the function itself the preference to the guideline changes that their systems would need changes because all this data is not contained in a single spot and they would need to go through the effort.

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They were reluctant to take that expenditure despite the data being similarly offered to GSA as the contractors, and are ready to impose that on contractors. GSA having access to this information though might easily create a database or modify databases to do precisely what they want to do.

They are simply unwilling to incur that cost. Mr. TAKAI. Anyone have any more remarks concerning this particular concern? Mr. WALDRON. Yes. I do not know if it is the paradox of the situation or not, is that GSA is going to need to spend money to build systems in any occasion.

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So why do they not take a look internally and see what is most efficient for them, for the federal government to try to find out to handle its own data. Due to the fact that they are going to need to construct systems. We are talking, when you speak about month-to-month reporting across the GSA Schedules program, you are broaching hundreds of thousands of transactions, millions and millions of information aspects to be reported, accessed, collected.

Simply a couple other points. With regard to the access, the question was terrific about, you know, with recent occasions, security of the confidential information, you know, there is even another location, and GSA did not-- I think the public conference that was held on the rule, they got a gratitude of the level of issue throughout market with regard to this problem, and even because context they have professionals supporting their effort.

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And lastly, just a believed on the concern about whether individuals would have to leave, you know, if they are informed lower your rate, we get reports routinely of companies being asked to either lower their cost or get rid of the item from the agreement. And the GSA leadership is taking the position that that is not, and they have, to their credit, have stated that is not the goal here from their perspective, however at the working level and the functional level, contracting officers practically daily are asking companies to either lower their cost because they found a lower cost on a horizontal contrast.

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Mr. TAKAI. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Chairman HANNA. Do you mean to say-- is that not in a strange way collusion, knowing another person's rate and calling another person and saying-- another bidder for the very same item and saying, "You are too expensive, lower your rate"? I mean, it is an extreme word but-- Mr. GSA Search Engine Ranker.

I would state it is misdirected. GSA SER. I think it is not excellent procurement policy because in this problem, you get into the relative terms, and is someone a licensed reseller; are they not an authorized reseller? Is it a gray market item; is it not? These are things-- due thorough things that GSA needs to be taking a look at.

And it appears like GSA is focusing a lot on the agreement level rate at this level. When the rate is paid is at the task order level, which is the level below competition under the contracts. And the focus is more on this rather than let us get the best, you understand, a great rate and a best worth option at the job order level.

How do you improve, simplify, and welcome competitors at the job order level so that the American people, client companies get finest worth items and options-- industrial finest products and solutions. Chairman HANNA. So they are asking for something that they are not prepared to take from a group of professionals who will sustain enormous expense and eventually GSA would likewise sustain a massive expenditure to accept this, and yet currently admits it does not have the capacity really to utilize it.

Our members oppose this guideline. We believe GSA ought to start over from scratch and look internally. GSA performing its own internal pilot of gathering its own information or other info of other agencies and seeing how-- very first of all, what data elements are truly important?

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And to the level they are utilizing it to compare to agreement prices, as I said previously in the testament and we make clear in our written statement, that is apples and, I do not know, watermelons. It is such a total difference in regards to the terms and conditions. GSA Search Engine Ranker.

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