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Published Aug 30, 21
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And one conversation we frequently have with small businesses is whether they are all set to take on working with the federal government as it is an unique client and this is simply including to the conversation that they are not ready, which is a cost to the government (GSA Search Engine Ranker Software).

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TAKAI. Thank you. I yield back. Chairman HANNA. Mr. Horan-- Hardy? Excuse me. Mr. HARDY. Thank you. I excuse being late. Mr. Stanford, in your testament, you had actually talked about Amazon as an example of how the GSA-- and I hope someone has actually not asked this question currently-- would put the burden on specialists and report contract information although the company already has the information awarded to the agreement.

Being a small company person, I have needed to deal with federal agreements before. It appears to me that this is just another method of federal government trying to solve their problem rather than take care of the problems themselves that they have the info at their hands. Would you consent to that in somewhat of that fashion? I have a bit more difficult way of saying it, but that is-- Mr.

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Yes. And I believe the chairman put it well. It is information that the federal government currently has, and it does appear counterintuitive and there is agreement amongst the panel that this does not make any sense. And there truly-- in the commercial world, it actually would not make sense for the individual who is serving as the platform to obtain the goods, to then need to be told what those products and services cost.

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HARDY. Does any person think that GSA has possibly undervalued the real cost of what this is going to impact business? Does any person care to attend to that? Mr. GSA Search Engine Ranker Software. WALDRON. Our members at the Coalition for Federal Government Procurement, we conducted a study and I think that is among the most significant locations-- it is the biggest location of disconnect between federal government and industry on this particular guideline, the problem itself.

The burden goes to increasing costs for the taxpayer and for consumer agencies who use GSA. Looking at it, we have actually resolved it in our composed testimony. But at the end of the day, based on our estimates and our feedback from our members, and we performed a survey where we were going to try to use GSA's language that they utilized in the rule, in their formula to come up with the numbers based on feedback from our members, it would cost over $800 million just to execute this rule across the GSA Schedules program.

And at the exact same time, GSA indicated in the rule that it would be too pricey for the federal government or for it to change its systems. I think, if I recall, we were talking in the 10s of millions of dollars, and what they failed to, I believe, appreciate, or to their credit, having a public meeting and asking talk about it, they stopped working to comprehend or value the numerous countless dollars that it will cost market who get involved in the GSA Schedules program to comply.

HARDY. I will take it another instructions. Being an organization man, you know, I work on bids. I was a general engineering professional, so I put out quotes. Now they are asking you to detail everything you got (GSA Search Engine Ranker Services). All your details that you have that might put you in the competitive motion, they are wanting us to supply that details, which they request for line item quotes.

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It is seen, I think, in industry as competitively sensitive details. The rule is not clear on how it can be used, or more significantly, I think, how it will be secured.

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I believe I can say that typically, market is really concerned about that, that competitively delicate details will be out there for competitors to acquire. And I think I would likewise include that this information could trigger harm if it is out there to contractors both in the commercial marketplace and the federal government marketplace since this type of pricing information would be important for commercial competition.

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